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"The 'C' Word"

April 7

Event: "The 'C' Word"
Venue: Saenger Theater
Address: 201 Forrest St., Hattiesburg, Mississippi 39401
Cost: $10
Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Phone: 601-584-4888


Cancer is no laughing matter but the archaic way we are beating it, is! With a dose of good humor,heart, and a touch of rock-n-roll beat, THE C WORD reveals the forces at play keeping us sick and dares to ask:if up to 70% of cancer deaths are preventable...what are we waiting for? And, in asking the question, director Meghan L. O'Hara reveals astounding truths that no one is talking about on a grand scale... until now. At its heart are powerful, twin stories: one from celebrated French neuroscientist and cancer revolutionary Dr. David Servan Schreiber, the other from THE C WORD’s own director, and cancer survivor Meghan L. O’Hara. After braving the journey from diagnosis to wellness, Meghan and David join forces on a wild ride of discovery; including hidden science, the absurdity of the status quo, and a vibrant cast of characters changing the game. Narrated by Morgan Freeman, THE C WORD message is simple, life -changing, radical: we can beat cancer before cancer beats us.

**This is not a live performance

**Online ticket sales end the day of the event. Please visit the Box Office or call at 601.584.4888 on the day of the show for tickets.

If you wish to purchase a discounted ticket for groups of 5 or more or as a student, please call or stop by the Box Office.